FAI – Season Tickets


The FAI were targeting a significant increase in the volume of season ticket sales for the upcoming World Cup 2018 campaign. The challenge was to take advantage of the interest around the national team’s qualification for the Euro 2016 finals. We were tasked primarily with reaching past season ticket holders but our primary goal was to drive sales from new customers.


We agreed that the best means of reaching the target audience was through programmatic display advertising which would be supported by a national radio campaign. We agreed on a strict RoI model for the campaign budget which meant a target CPA of €15 or under.

Below is a sample of one of the creatives for the campaign which ran from 7th April until 29th May 2016:

FAIAviva Stadium



-Targeted Irish internet users with a keen interest in sports/soccer – mainly sporty males, families & students

-Prospecting utilized, in order to reach as wide a pool of relevant users as possible. Tight frequency capping.

-Strategic targeting of relevant & interested users

-Sports behavioural data pools utilized

-Use of contextual sporting oriented lists

-Optimization and concentration of spends toward best performing segments – eg browsers, devices, inventory supply, data segments


-A various user profile emerged, particularly of a young male desktop user & also of a desktop using parent through this campaign.

-Strongest contextual targeting segment– Sports : Soccer

-Best resulting data pools utilised-  Interests > Parenting & Family > Sports,  Entertainment & Lifestyle > Sports > Football  and  Interests > Sports > Football > Affinity

-Best resulting site categories:  Sport, News (Broadsheets & Tabloid), Music, Parenting/Family,  TV, Communications.

-Geographically – Dublin & Cork were the strongest region for engagement, leading us to up weight a portion of spend to this area only.

-Friday & Saturday were the best days for CTR across the board.

-The optimal time for click engagement was 6 – 11pm in the evening/night.

-Far more clicks came from Chrome than the next best performing browser (Safari) & Mobile was the device which recorded most activity of 2134 clicks , followed closely by Tablet with 1080 clicks & PC with 1423 clicks.


-This programmatic display campaign helped drive a 47% increase in NEW season ticket sales compared to last year, a phenomenal result.

-We were able to achieve these sales at a CPA which was below the agreed target which made these results even better!

-The graph below depicts the day by day sales attributable to this campaign. As you can see, as we optimised the campaigns, there was a significant improvement in performance:

FAI Sales

-Overall the campaign delivered over 4 million targeted ad impressions and translated into over 6,000 clicks from a highly qualified audience. The clickthrough rate of 0.16% was well above the anticipated of 0.10% for this type of product & audience.


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