Emirates Rhythm Of Dubai



Promote Dubai as a holiday destination for Irish Travellers and dispel the myths about tourism in Dubai.

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For Emirates target audience music is a central part of their lives indexed highly against online streaming services (175) with 13.5% spending 5 hours per week listening to music online. Spotify was also identified as the most used service.



We wanted people to connect with Dubai as a holiday destination through a medium they loved. We developed a partnership with Spotify which challenged the public to help Emirates create the Rhythm of Dubai. As the number one online music service in Ireland Spotify was the perfect partner for us to achieve this. We built a bespoke app to sit inside the Spotify Platform.

Through three themed playlists housed in an App on Spotify platforms our concept was to use music as the gateway for an audience of 25 to 44 year old travellers to better understand the adventures and different aspects of the city awaiting them in Dubai.

  • Adventure – The tunes in this playlist would be representative of a sense of adventure or songs that could get you pumped up enough to jump out of a plane.
  • Beach – Chill out tunes to listen to when relaxing on the beach.
  • Nightlife – Songs to get lost on the dance floor.


By entering suitable songs users were eligible to win the weekly prize of an iPad Nano, while the winner of the best song put in each playlist would win an iPod Touch, keeping the music theme in our prize selection. To tie this together with the airline service, the three playlists created by the public will also be available on the Emirates in- flight entertainment system from Dublin to Dubai from Q2 2015.



An Emirates ad was delivered 800,000 times on Spotify reaching 172,000 people, an average of 4.5 times, receiving 5145 clicks.

Over 1000 songs were entered in to the Spotify Playlists. Emirates singled out this activation across its global markets as one of the best, and encouraged other countries to consider similar strategies.



This campaign was awarded Gold in Best in Travel and Tourism at The Digital Media awards 2015.


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