Hyundai Change Is Good


Find a way to reassure the Irish public and importantly the thousands of Ix35 owners that the change (The Tucson replacing the very successful model for Hyundai, the Ix35) was a good thing and that the evolution of the Hyundai brand in the category was a journey they could come with us on.

Central to the success of the campaign was the brand platform of #changeisgood which was created to re assure customers about the move from Ix35 to Tucson. This was utilised in a 2 phase campaign.
Pre-Launch: We developed a pre-launch content led campaign based around the idea of change. Bespoke content was created to live on a specially developed section of the Hyundai site . The concept was to focus on lifestyle related topics rather than the product during this initial phase all in the name of setting the scene for what was to come. Given the low awareness of Tucson our paid search strategy was up weighted during this period to conquest from more established marks by targeting searches related to competing models.
Launch: 60% of the overall budget was given to creating awareness through targeted TV advertising across all of the main stations. The campaign was up weighted to November (the key month for pre registrations) with 80% of the TV budget being spent at this time.
Our online campaign was expanded in November to include online display and online video. Online advertising programmatically utilised a combination of contextual and behavioural targeting to identify those who were in market.


The Hyundai Tucson was the top selling car in its category in January 2016 outselling its nearest rival and previous category leader the Nissan Qashqai by a factor of 2.5 to 1.
The Tucson achieved sales of nearly 3 times of what the ix35 had achieved in the same month last year. (Source SIMI)
Not only was the Tucson a runaway success in its category it was the top selling car in the whole market. Remarkably, Hyundai were propelled to the number 1 car brand in Ireland for the first time ever outselling Toyota, Ford and Volkswagen.
Our strategy and implementation and not just the weight of advertising had a key role to play in this success. The other major launch in the segment at the time for the Kadjar outspent the Tucson by 40%. Our strategy to dominate in the effective channels paid off as Renault spread their budget across Press, Outdoor, TV, Cinema and Online. We were able to win in TV with a SOV of 31.76% which has translated to sales.

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