Birds Eye Steam Fresh Range

Build a standalone steaming category within Frozen Veg to restore consumer engagement & value and to reverse the effects of commoditisation and lack of innovation.

Havas Media worked together with RTE Digital to create an innovative Rich Media mobile solution which steamed up the content across their mobile properties and apps including the RTE News now App on Smart Phones and RTE Player on tablets.
RTE was identified as the best publisher for partnership given their position as the number 1 most downloaded news app in Ireland at the time. RTE built a full page interstitial ad which gave the illusion of steaming up the screen of the users device covering the content across their mobile platforms.
Users were encouraged to interact with the ad by using their finger to wipe the screen to clear off the condensation. Once they had cleared the screen we displayed a message highlighting the products convenience and packaging. They then had the option to watch the TV creative or connect through their social media.



The ad was displayed 373,266 times over the course of the campaign.
36,828 people engaged with the unit giving an engagement rate of 20.59% which far exceeds the average for the category which is 13.9%. This meant our ad was effective in delivering interruption in the path to purchase and providing interaction around the key product difference.
Average interaction time with the unit was 18.0 seconds also well above the category average of 10.1 seconds. This longer interaction time enabled us to be more memorable and to tell the story of Steamfresh in a more effective way.
Finally the video was completed by 45% of those who watched it (1029 people). This shows that people were interested in the product enough to look for further details after the interaction.
This campaign was awarded bronze for Best Use of Innovation in Mobile Marketing at the Mobile Marketing Awards 2015.

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