Why Am I Not Ranking In The Google Search Results?


Search engine optimisation is the means of driving a higher volume of organic or natural search traffic to your website through the Google search results. There are over 200 factors that influence the natural search ranking of your website – none of which are disclosed by Google. Our SEO specialists have years of experience in optimising websites and achieving tangible results which have delivered a positive return on investment for our clients.

Our belief is that because SEO is your owned media (website), it should be addressed first before investing in any paid digital media. SEO is a wise investment and will earn you cost efficiencies in your paid campaigns through better relevancy and quality scores.

We have devised a formula that delivers exceptional results every time – the key areas that we look at from an SEO perspective are:


Content is now the most important factor for improving SEO. It is no longer about creating content for content’s sake but only providing relevant, unique content that is targeted towards the user and not the search engines. Our approach is to advise on how you should build out your website into ‘content silos’ which will give you the best possible opportunity to rank highly in the natural search results.

Semantic Search

In recent years, Google has placed a much greater importance on the true intent of the keywords included in a person’s search query. This has systematically changed how your SEO strategy should be implemented – their location proximity, intent eg. commercial vs non-commercial query, device and so forth.

Google RankBrain

This is a form of artificial intelligence which Google has devised over the past 2 years and is the 3rd most important factor in Google’s ranking algorithm. In a nutshell, RankBrain allows Google to deliver a person searching with the most relevant results even if certain keywords are not specified in that search. This is part of the technology that allows Google to deliver personalised search results to each user.


We are numbers-focused and at the end of the day, you must be able to demonstrate a return when investing in any SEO project. We analyse your analytics account in order to identify the volume of organic traffic that comes onto your website, the quality of this traffic & key navigation paths. The ultimate KPI for SEO is generating sales and or leads – while keyword rankings and even increased organic traffic are important, these are no good unless they translate into real business outcomes.

HTML & Meta Data

The building blocks of an effective SEO strategy but not as important as they once were – we optimise all of your website tags – page titles, meta descriptions, heading tags, ALT tags, anchor text & URL’s to ensure they are compliant with best practices.

Page Speed

One of the most important factors from an SEO perspective – Google only wants to rank websites where the user will have a good experience, part of this being page load times. We perform a full audit of your website in order to improve your website page speed.

Want to find out immediately if page load times is an issue for your website? Why not check here using Google Page Speed Test

Backlink Profile

Building relevant backlinks to your website is another key part of your SEO strategy. In recent years, Google has punished websites for what are called ‘black hat’ SEO techniques such as buying 1,000’s of backlink links from paid web directories. We provide a full analysis and clean up of your backlink profile to ensure that it is compliant with the latest Google algorithm updates.

Keyword Rankings

While keyword rankings are no longer the primary KPI for SEO projects they are still a useful indicator on how well your website is performing in Google. We can run a ranking analysis for thousands of keywords to see your current Google natural search rankings.


Find Out Your Score With Our SEO Healthcheck

We can quickly identify your current SEO score (see examples below) and how we can improve performance with a free audit of your website, just enquire with your URL here

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