Programmatic Buying


What Is Programmatic Buying

Programmatic buying dramatically changes the way a brand should optimise paid media investment throughout the purchase funnel; from building brand equity to generating sales, and even turning buyers into advocates!

In an increasingly fragmented media world, it is our mission to leverage data and technology to empower brands with meaningful connections.

The Affiperf platform is the first true ‘meta-DSP’, leveraging the power of Artemis to deliver deep data integrations across platforms at an impression level. Affiperf’s platform delivers algorithmic optimisation not just across ad exchanges and publishers, but across device, DSP and client data.

Affiperf’s propriety technology stack, powered by Artemis, delivers easy and seamless integration across buying platforms and point technology solutions. Affiperf integrates buying platforms, analytics and advertising technology on behalf of our clients, who choose to use our ‘off the shelf’ solution as well as leveraging Affiperf’s expertise to integrate into their business systems or with preferred technology partners.

How We Buy

Affiperf integrates with all major platforms, with most clients preferring a combination of AppNexus and MediaMath to achieve the best reach and buying options; video and mobile DSPs can vary by market and Affiperf is the only desk to have the flexibility and infrastructure to deliver a custom strategy. Through our dedicated in house media practice we have access to hundreds of Private Market place deals across local markets.

Data Management

Powered by Artemis, the Affiperf DMP simplifies making client web and offline data addressable in programmatic media. Segmentations are easily created with a simple but powerful workflow, right down to UUID level data.

Analytics and Reporting

Affiperf places actionable insight at the heart of our trading and delivery. Our media traders benefit from unique data cross platform, and across data sets, including:

  • Attribution and overlap across platforms and trading strategies.
  • Reach and frequency across trading strategies

Brand safety and accountability is at the heart of Affiperf’s delivery for our advertisers. Affiperf maintains a blacklist of over 100,000 domains and integrates market leading anti-fraud and brand safety monitoring tools; monitoring data right down to an impression level for our clients. Affiperf delivers quality, scale and safety across sixty billion daily bid opportunities world-wide.

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