Why use Havas Media for your PPC campaigns?


  • PPC is the solid base upon which we build all of our media campaigns. Our award-winning team optimises all of our client campaigns against a clear set of KPI’s.
  • Our team contains some of the most experienced PPC professionals in Ireland.
  • We have been recognised as Ireland’s top digital performance agency with successive wins at the 2016 & 2017 Media Awards Gold for Best Use of Search.
  • We are a certified Google Partner which recognises excellence in Google Adwords management.
  • We specialise in paid search audits and are regularly asked to review paid search accounts in order to identify wasted spend & improve performance – 85% of companies who request an audit become a client. The beauty for a potential client is that we perform these audits for FREE.
  • Because of our close relationship with Google & the collective spend across Havas Media globally, we get our clients white listed for new products meaning they are the first to market every time.
  • We have massive experience managing small & larger PPC budgets (1m+) across a wide range of industries locally and across the world.
  • We are accountable for our performance – we insist on setting clear targets & performance metrics to which we work to so that you can clearly see a return on investment.
  • We are 100% transparent – all of our clients have access to relevant Google, Bing, Yahoo paid search dashboards and can access all relevant date all of the time.
  • We integrate your paid search performance with your other digital & traditional media through our proprietary attribution tool ‘Artemis’.
  • We also specialise in SEO & conversion optimisation which means that we can earn you further cost efficiencies through your owned media.


Why not contact Ian, our Head of Digital to inquire about how we can improve your paid search performance?
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