Media Planning and Buying

Quality in the planning and delivery of campaigns is assured through our bespoke Meaningful Connections planning process which the agency employs across all campaigns. Having a robust and globally road tested process allows us to deliver campaigns which not only have the brilliant basics you would expect from your media partner but are based on data and insight, with the best of creative thinking to ensure client success.



The Havas Meaningful Connections process is fluid to adapt to varying client needs and business situations. Whether it be through online, TV, mobile, social, video, print or experiential, our MCP process enables us to understand, design, activate and optimize the most influential touch-points for different consumer, market, business and category needs.   We believe in developing meaningful connections, defined by the following five principles:


  • Fuelled by data and insights, & Return on Investment driven
  • Provides personal & collective value
  • Shares a story
  • Connects experiences across all platforms
  • Ignites conversation & action


By following these core principles of meaningful connections, we think smarter, act quicker and respond in more connected and creative ways.   There are four primary interconnected phases to the Meaningful Connections planning process:  Understand, Design, Activate and Optimize.

Our Meaningful Connections Planning is designed for inter agency collaboration, as we believe when there is strong involvement from partners, we can improve the overall campaign peformance and scalability.  We use the MCP process for all media campaign planning tasks and these strategies are aiding our clients to achieve outstanding business results.



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