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Meaningful Brands® is the first global study to show how quality of life and wellbeing connects with brands at a business level and measures the benefits brands bring to our lives.  It is unique in both scale and scope; covering 1,000 brands, 300,000 people, 34 markets across 12 industries, with the UK study covering 168 brands and 19,429 consumers.

The research covers all aspects of people’s lives, including the roles brands play in society (contributing to the economy or employment), in our personal wellbeing (healthy lifestyles, connectivity with friends and family, making our lives easier, fitness and happiness) and product performance (price, quality and other marketplace drivers).

According to Dominique Delport, global managing director at Havas Media Group, discusses why only a handful of brands are genuinely “meaningful” to consumers.

“74% of brands could disappear and consumers wouldn’t care”

Watch his full interview with CNBC from 2017 here:

Meaningful Brands:

Deliver 100% more KPI outcomes

Meaningful Brands see their marketing KPIs perform 100% better overall compared with less Meaningful Brands. With every 10% improvement in meaningfulness performance, individual brand KPIs grow by 2.5% for Familiarity, 4.9% for Overall Impression, 6.6% for Purchase Intent, 3.2% Repurchase Intent, 4.8% for Advocacy and 10.4% for Premium Pricing.

On average gain 46% more share of wallet

Meaningful Brands gain, on average, 46% more share of wallet.

Outperform the stock market by 133%

Meaningful Brands outperform the stock market by 133%, with the top 25 brands delivering an annual share return of nearly 12% (that’s almost seven times higher than the STOXX 1800 stock index).

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