The Changing Advertising Landscape

Havas Media Ireland

Author: Graham Talyor:

As the year has progressed, so have the cracks appearing in the business models of old. The world of not just media but also business has changed forever. Technology has silently transformed the way all business is conducted.  More people than ever are voting with their thumbs and blocking advertising. Let’s not kid ourselves that this is just a digital thing. More ads are being skipped than ever before on TV too. The world’s most valuable company (Apple) builds experience rich devices. The world’s most valuable transport business (Uber) owns no vehicles, much like the world’s most valuable media business (Facebook) which produces no content of its own. These disruptive businesses have been at the vanguard, but expect to see many more emerge and faster disruption hitting many other sectors in the near future.  Pokémon Go became the fastest downloaded app in history, reaching 50 million users in less than 20 days. Reaching this many users took the telephone 75 years, the radio 38 years, TV 13 years, Facebook 3.5 years but Angry Birds just 35 days.

What we’re seeing is that as technologies combine, the social graph of the phone makes virality easy, the low cost of entry makes adoption rapid, and the rapid scalability of companies allows growth faster than ever before. It’s easy to see that not only is the pace of change increasing, but that pace of change changing is increasing, too. Media consumption has already moved to mobile with search, social and news consumption behaviour now smartphone, not desktop first. Most publishing organisations remain baffled and paralysed. Programmatic will continue to grow exponentially and penetrate all media channels meaningfully. The agencies and advertisers that pivot to buying audiences using data and technology as enablers, will win. There has to be more than just audience efficiencies; expect to see the emergence of a new wave of content and experiential activity that delivers the impact of TV and relevancy of digital. Smart use of data will inform not just the distribution, but also the physical creation and engagement strategy. Expect to see media agencies further evolve their content and production capabilities.

What about the agency world?  Few would agree that a return to full service as we know it is the answer, but most do concur that multidisciplinary teams working in harmony strikes a chord. Now is the time to radically reinvent the agency model, not just tip a hat to collaboration. Today’s mobile-first, tech-underpinned landscape demands cohesion (not conflict) between medium and message. Havas is reimagining its model to create an environment where our talent and capabilities can more seamlessly mobilise around client problems and support advertisers in building more meaningful relationships with customers. We are on the journey towards a culture that all our talent connect with. Each of our agency brands will retain their individual cultures and identities but, uniting all our talent under the Havas Village banner is an accelerator. Ultimately, this all revolves around the belief that we are better together and can provide superior solutions to brands by working closer together.


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